Is Wake Forest Really That Kind of Crazy Nice?

By Katie Albert

Ask not what your town can do for you, but what you can do for your town.

Whether you were born here, are just passing through or decided to make this place your home after many years somewhere else; Wake Forest is a great place to live.

Wake Forest isn’t just a town, it’s a community. Simply peruse and check out all of the FREE events they offer residents throughout the year.

Wake Forest offers parks and greenways a plenty. If youíre looking for a small town feel while living in a place with great amenities, look no further than Wake Forest, NC.

What can you do for your town?

My Challenge for Everyone:

  • Smile. At Everyone. Period. Smiling is proven to brighten your mood and the mood of the person who receives your smile.
  • Be hospitable. Bake cookies for a new neighbor. My mom always did this, I have always done this. Let’s take “Southern hospitality” to the next level.
  • Help someone in need. When you’re done baking those cookies, try mowing your elderly neighbor’s lawn. For free.
  • Be helpful. A stray cart in the parking lot takes 30 extra seconds to put back.
  • Make a difference. Trash on the ground? Pick it up and throw it away. It’s that easy.
  • Volunteer. Wake Forest is full of churches and charities that want and need your help. Step up!

Let’s pay it forward in a big way Wake Forest. Let’s give back to the community that we are so lucky to be a part of.

And if you see someone doing something incredibly special, tell the Wake Forest News so we can give that person a pat on the back for making Wake Forest just that kind of cool.

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