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Citizen Issue Reported: Stormwater

Wake Forest Issue Reported on Thu, 13 Feb 2020 12:58:29 -0500: Stormwater at Address: E Juniper Ave & Wildflower Ridge Rd Wake Forest, NC, 27587, USA
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You all may know this, but after thinking about it, I thought I should tell someone just in case you don’t.

This information is in reference to the storm water retention pond located at the corner of Wildflower Ridge Dr. and Juniper, in the Traditions neighborhood.

Last year, considerable expense and effort was expended using heavy equipment—I’m assuming by the Town, to grade the slopes of the pond, and to then plant whatever plants (I’m guessing they were plants such as cattail and water lilies) that are appropriate for that environment where the water level rises and falls.

At some point later last year, landscapers for Davis Landscape, who I believe has the contract with Traditions to maintain landscaping and to cut the grass in the common areas, ran their lawn mowers over all of those plantings. (I saw they were cut down on the day they were doing their cutting, and they and their equipment were still parked right there on Wildflower Dr, just like they always do on the day they cut.) I don’t remember exactly when this happened, but it was during their cutting season last year. I’m beginning to wonder if those plantings will come back, but I was also thinking that you might want to get word to them to NOT cut those plants next to the water around the edge of the retention pond for when they do grow back.

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