If You Are a Lazy Gifter Like Me – Read This

It seems a beloved local Wake Forest shop has come to the rescue of all lazy gifters like me. ShipOnSite, the friendly package shipping business on Wake Union Church Road, has opened a new gifting solution.

GiftsOnSite allows you to purchase a gift online, have it wrapped in a decorative box and shipped to a deserving someone. All without looking for your car keys.

Granted, it is a really lazy way to buy and send something but isn’t that the beauty of it! How many times have you dreaded hauling your ass out to some store in traffic just to buy the required gift for that somewhat distant friend or relative?

What makes the GiftsOnSite solution a bit different is all the southern crafty stuff available. No more need to send boiled nuts to say you love living in North Carolina. Now you can send a Simply Southern Tee.

You can visit the new shop online at www.giftonsite.com

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