Would You Use the New Amazon Dash Button?

Amazon will be publicly announcing a new service that will allow you to reorder some consumable items in your home just by pushing a button. The preview video of the service is below.

Apparently the sticky buttons are labeled for a particular brand item that you associate in your Amazon account. Using a WiFi connection the button push triggers an Amazon order which you have to confirm on your smartphone.

That’s a good idea because some dumb kid it going to push the toilet paper button like 20 times and you don’t want an 18 wheeler pulling up at your house with a pallet of toilet paper.

At this point in the story I’d make some snarky comment about who could be that lazy to use one of these buttons but then again, I probably would.

There is a fine line between laziness and having to spend time and gas to drive to the warehouse club to stock up on paper towels. Maybe I’m just frugally lazy. Let’s run with that.

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