Where Do I Report Illegal Debt Settlement Marketing?


Dear Steve,

If you notice a debt settlement company marketing illegal savings claims, misrepresenting their services or other questionable practices and they are advertising nationally, what state regulators do you find would be most interested in the information?



Dear Ella,

Typically the logical place to start on a state basis is the office of the Attorney General.

You can find your state attorney general here.

Don’t be surprised if your complaint doesn’t go anywhere fast. Every state and federal regulation entity has to make decisions about how they allocate resources and budget. They may have bigger issues they are dealing with.

However, every concern from a consumer creates a pattern that can elevate particular issues. This is why reporting issues to the FTC and CFPB is important as well.

If you received marketing material in the mail, the USPS Postal Inspector seems to take these things seriously as well.




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