I Walked Out of Community College and They Want Me to Pay


Dear Steve,

So I signed up for a semester at a community college, after about 1 month in I realized it wasn’t for me and stopped attending. I did take out a student loan and currently owe about 3000. They used to call me all the time and I never answered, they also currently send me mail about my balance every month. I checked my credit score months ago and hit my score about 120 points, from them and I am recovering my score and haven’t got hit again. My question is if I don’t pay, will this eventually come off my record and not hit my credit score again, or is this for life?

Will this continue hurting my credit for life or stop?



Dear Johnny,

If you had withdrawn before the last day to withdraw you would have not owed any balance or a partial one. If you just decided to stop going, that your choice but you are then obligated to pay for the semester if you did not withdraw from.

I would imagine it will hurt your credit score since it will be reported for up to 7.5 years after you defaulted.

This can be mitigated a bit if you focus on building good credit. If your credit history basically ends with the default it will hurt you more. Credit is easy to build. Read this.

If you can update me in the comments I’d like to know if this is a debt owed to the community college or is a federal or private student loan. It makes a difference.




Big Hug!

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