How Do I Get Me High Fees Back the Debt Settlement Company Charged Me?


Dear Steve,

I paid way over my original credit card debt because of the high fees that I was not told about until a rep came to my house. At that point I had said that I wanted to pay quickly so I could get out of the fees, not the 15% fee. The guy said yes and like a total fool I believed him and the girls that I talked to on the phone for months.

How do I get my money back?



Dear Rondi,

It took me a moment but what I think you are describing is the typical advanced fee debt settlement strategy where companies attempt to navigate around the limitations of charging advanced fees unless they do a personal visit.

Here is the big problem you will have. I would almost guarantee this fee structure and collecting fees in advance of settling the debt is laid out clearly in the client agreement you were asked to sign.

The agreements also typically say that the written agreement supersedes anything someone said to you in marketing or verbally.

It is not unusual for consumers to be overwhelmed with the 15 to 30 pages of the client agreement or to sign it without reading it. I get it and understand.

It is always a good idea to attempt to resolve your issue with a company before raising your blood pressure too high. If you feel like you are not getting anywhere, you might want to read How to Get Your Money Back From a Debt Relief Company if You Feel Like You’ve Been Scammed.

But the first thing I would urge you to do is find and read the client agreement you signed to better understand the arguments they are going to raise when you start asking for money back.




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