What Do You Think About JusticeBoom?


Dear Steve,

I wonder how often their answers actually dismiss lawsuits. I’m also wondering if this is considered practicing law.


Let me be 1000% clear, I am not an attorney and all I can offer is my opinion on what you have shown me.

My first stop was to see where JusticeBoom is located. According to their website privacy policy page dated nearly three weeks in the future (odd) the company calls themselves Justice Boom, LLC and says they are located at 1217 Jackson Ave East, Oxford, MS 38655.

The State of Mississippi says there is a name reserved for a company called JusticeBoom, LLC. The name was reserved on April 23, 2020, but the company is not yet formed, according to public State records. – Source

Their website says, “JusticeBoom makes this part easy, generating the documents you need to file and even sending them to the court on your behalf.” In researching your question I went and did some research.

According to The Mississippi Bar, “Any person who shall for fee or reward or promise, directly or indirectly, write or dictate any paper or instrument of writing, to be filed in any cause or proceeding pending, or to be instituted in any court in this state, or give any counsel or advice therein, or who shall write or dictate any bill of sale, deed of conveyance, deed of trust, mortgage, contract, or last will and testament, or shall make or certify to any abstract of title to real estate other than his own or in which he may own an interest, shall be held to be engaged in the practice of law.”

But as the Mississippi Bar states, “The courts ultimately decide what is the practice of law.”

Justice Boom or JusticeBoom also states, “Justicboom.com is not a law firm, but we can assist you in preserving your rights and preventing default judgments. We also will assemble an orderly document set and a correspondence record on your behalf. That documentary record may meet our criteria for a free referral of your case file to an attorney who will represent you at no out-of-pocket charge.” – Source

The domain name JusticeBoom.com was registered on February 26, 2020. – Source

Here is what I can tell you that is good sound advice. If you want legal representation and a direct relationship with an attorney to provide you with legal determinations you should contact an attorney that is licensed to practice law in the state you live in. If you live in Mississippi, one place to check for such an attorney is here.

The Justice Boom website said it was founded by an attorney. The Mississippi LLC name reservation listed Michael Talmadge Lewis Senior as an officer or director. The Mississippi Bar shows an attorney named Michael T Lewis is active in the State and is associated with Lewis & Lewis Attorneys at 602 Huntington Place, Oxford, MS. I have no idea if that is that is the same person associated with the LLC name reservation.

Maybe the best thing you can do as a consumer is to look at my free guides below help you to do your own research and reach your own conclusion.

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