How Do I Get My Debt Protection Fee Back?


Dear Steve,

Just realized I’ve been being charged for debt protection fee that I did not agree to.

How do I get my money back??



Dear Deana,

I have no idea what a debt protection fee is or who you are paying it to. You should absolutely direct your question directly to the company you are paying.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the term “Debt Protection Fee”. Some people used that term to refer to protection on loans if employment was lost or payments couldn’t be made.

One thing is not a mystery here. When you do contact the company you are paying, make sure you document your request by keeping track of the date, time, and who you spoke to when you contact the company. Better yet, make your request in writing and send it by some traceable means.

Don’t be surprised if the company does not volunteer a refund if this was something you agreed to in a client agreement. You might be able to cancel it moving forward but a refund may not be available unless this was part of one of the bank settlements that involved this issue.




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