Bullying Led to the Loss of Young Wake Forest Man With Autism

Wake Forest Fire Department Chief Ron Early recently openly spoke about the loss of his amazing son Kyle as a direct result of bullying.

Kyle was a wonderful young man with a smile as big as Wake Forest. He was kind, compassionate, smart, but had one thing he didn’t ask for, autism.

Kyle Early

April is Autism Awareness month and in honor of Kyle Early, his mom and dad decided to choke back their sadness and fear of speaking out and share Kyle’s story with Ed Crump from ABC 11. You can watch the video below.

I knew Kyle and his loss is still painful. The day of his funeral was so unbelievably sad. I should know. I was there.

Kyle was also a member of the Civil Air Patrol and on the day of his funeral, other cadets came to honor him. The service was attended by many members of the fire service community as well as representatives of the Wake Forest Police Department. A town, a community, and a family said goodbye to Kyle on that day.

Civil Air Patrol cadets salute in honor of Kyle Early at his funeral.

Kyle was autistic. That was a fact. It was also a fact that the bullying he weathered as a result of being something he did not ask for, eventually was too much.

“Because of bullying, and the pressures when someone’s forced into that lonely and sad world, my son Kyle ultimately passed through suicide just because he felt like he could not function any longer in a world that just didn’t understand him,” his somber father recalled.” – Source

To help raise awareness of the struggles of autism, the Wake Forest Fire Department and the Town of Wake Forest are selling Autism Awareness T-Shirts designed by Early’s wife and Fire Capt. Justin Brown. A portion of the sale of each shirt will be donated to the Autism Society of NC.

You might never have known the sweet and special young man, Kyle Early, but you can show your support against bullying and for others that live with autism by purchasing a Wake Forest Fire Department T-Shirt and wearing it proudly.

Kyle Early

If you or someone you know is the subject of bullying and it is causing you to consider suicide, talk to someone you trust and ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help. Life can become too much for all of us at times. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 and ask a trained stranger for advice or assistance.

I miss you Kyle and when my wife and I wear our shirts, we will always think of your kind smile.

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