Shawn Gilmore – Obituary


Shawn Patrick Gilmore, a name that turns heads as it echoes in a room, a name that holds so much weight in our hearts it begins to feel hard to carry, and a name that will continue to act as the standard for young men for years to come. Shawn Patrick Gilmore unexpectedly passed away at his home on Monday, May 3, 2021. Shawn was born on May 30, 1980, to Roy and Kathleen (Slagle) Gilmore in Cheverly, Maryland. He grew to be a protector, provider, mentor, friend, uncle, brother, father, and loving husband. Besides his parents, Shawn leaves behind the love of his life, Becky, his daughters, Grace and Gabrielle (Gabbie), his son, Austin, and his brothers and sisters, Carrie, Ryan, Brendan, Devin, and Shannon. Coach Gilmore’s dedication to not only his loved ones but the community will live through his players, friends, and family. His light will shine ever so brightly over all those in need of strength and his memory will live on. Shawn’s forgiving nature and patience allowed him to be the calm in the storm for his loved ones. His cheerful attitude, sarcastic humor, and constant witty comments are all parts of Shawn’s legacy; however, they do not even begin to captivate the man he was. Shawn was a man of many talents; there were sides for the public and his players, and a side for his family. He had a calm intensity that couldn’t help but motivate the people around him, but at the flip of a switch, you had a child-at-heart who unapologetically danced through the kitchen. When Shawn had nothing left to give, he gave love to any and everyone; he encourages us to be better than we were yesterday and to treat everyone with kindness. Shawn Patrick Gilmore was nothing short of a family man; a man who loved his brothers, sisters, parents, children, and wife.

A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 2:00pm Monday, May 9, 2021 in the St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church, Wake Forest.

The family will receive guests from 12:00-1:00pm (prior to the service) at Bright Funeral Home, 405 S. Main St., Wake Forest.

(919) 556-5811.

An outdoor vigil is also being planned but we are still working out those details, please watch Facebook for more updates.



Shawn, You gave me the best gifts. Thank you for loving me, holding me and looking at me the way you have our wholes lives together. I fell in love with you at just 13, we had a passion for each other that I’m not sure anyone will ever understand but me and you…. We knew each other so well in every way and always trusted that life would be okay if we just did it together. Even through tough times and sickness, we pushed through. The long talks at night keep running through my head, your calmness to my storm and your forever words “ you cant get rid of me that easy Babe “ I love you Shawn from the debts of my soul and forever! I long for another kiss. I could hear your voice in my head telling my kids you love them and how proud you are of them and it will be okay. All you ever wanted is to see them happy. Looking through your texts, videos and special boxes…. your babies were the luckiest in the world. Your constant reminders and affection for them will carry on. I will try to be more of you, the quiet to our storms.  I think you are the most handsome, sexiest man and your smirk gives me butterflies to my toes even after 30 years. Your babies know how much you love them, I promise you that. I will hold them for you.

Gabbie has been voice texting you, she is missing you so much, I know you hear her, we will help her smile. Austin is so loving and so much like you, more than he will ever know, he is a gentle man who wants to protect me and misses you so much already. Grace has stayed busy and wants everything good for you, your mini me, I see YOU when I see HER. I changed blood pressure meds and it seems to be helping so far. Shawn, your kids… They are you!

I love you Shawn Patrick Gilmore, give my Dad a hug.

With love always and Forever! – Beck

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