Citizen Issue Reported: Code Enforcement/Private Property Issue

Wake Forest Issue Reported on Sun, 09 May 2021 07:25:30 -0400: Code Enforcement/Private Property Issue at Address: 318 Longbourn Dr Wake Forest, NC, 27587, USA
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For some time now I’ve been parking on the street and the neighbor at 318 longbourn dr and the neighbor at 400 longbourn drive have been placing their yard waste at the back of 318 longbourns property. Every time they place their yard waste out they place the debris in the street less than 4 ft from my vehicle. From my understanding the yard waste is supposed to be placed at the front of the property, 4 feet or more from any vehicle or mailbox. I’ve asked both neighbors about this occurrence and I believe they know the regulations. I read through the guideline pamphlet this morning just to confirm what the guidelines are. I’d like for this to stop; it seems passive aggressive, it doesn’t follow the guidelines of yardwsste and trash recycling pickup. I live on Gracechurch and this is where the yard waste is being placed by them, however the front of their homes are on longbourn. I do realize that this might be where they have placed the debris for years before a new neighborhood was developed next to them and now there is a through street.

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