Ligon Mill/Forbes Grove/NC 98 – Traffic Pattern Changes

The Wake Forest Wegmans along Dr. Calvin Jones Highway/NC 98 Bypass is scheduled to open on Wednesday, May 19. A few days before the opening, on Friday, May 14, several important traffic pattern changes will take effect in the vicinity of Wegmans, specifically along the new Ligon Mill Road Extension and Forbes Grove Way, that drivers need to know. Check out the video above to learn more or continue reading.

For those travelling to NC 98:

  • When travelling northbound along on Ligon Mill Road to NC 98, you will not be able/ to make a left turn at the light. So, if you want to go west on NC 98 toward Capital Boulevard, then you will need to first make a left turn onto Forbes Grove Way, and follow it to another left turn onto Highway 98.

  • If you want to make a right turn from Ligon Mill Road to go east on NC 98 toward South Main Street/US 1A, you may do so.

  • In addition, if you want to make a right turn from Forbes Grove Way to go east on NC 98, you may do that as well.

For those travelling from NC 98:

  • If you are travelling eastbound on NC 98 towards Wake Forest, you will be able to make right turns at the light at both Forbes Grove Way and Ligon Mill Road.

  • Alternatively, if you are travelling westbound on NC 98 away from Wake Forest and want to make a left turn onto Ligon Mill Road, you may do so. This is the easiest way to access Wegmans.

  • However, Forbes Grove Way will not be an option from NC 98, as you cannot make a left at that light.

We recognize that traffic pattern changes can be challenging at first, so thank you for taking the time to learn about them.

We encourage drivers to proceed carefully as we all learn the new routes. Our goal is to help everyone to arrive smoothly and safely at their destination.