Superior Mark Floor Tape Puts Wake Forest Company in a Really Sticky Situation

Wake Forest company InSite Solutions, LLC, the managing company of, is excited to announce the release of a seven month case study documenting the durability and cost effectiveness of using their patent pending Superior MarkTM floor marking tape as compared to standard floor tape.

In recent years, in an effort to cut costs, many manufacturing companies have been marking facility floors as part of a Lean 5S initiative to improve overall efficiency. InSite Solutions, LLC provides complimentary samples of their Superior MarkTM tape for customers to test in their facilities so they may compare Superior MarkTM against their current line marking method.

One such customer was Bill Lindberg, Industrial Engineer at A. Raymond Tinnerman Manufacturing Inc. who had tested out a few different types of tape and had recently been using standard floor tape to mark their facility floors. After testing a sample of Stop-Paiting.coms Superior MarkTM tape, Mr. Lindberg volunteered to participate in a case study documenting the durability and cost effectiveness of using Superior MarkTM tape as compared to standard floor tape.

Mr. Lindbergs experience with the standard floor tape was that after one month of exposure to everyday wear and tear, including pallet dragging and heavy fork lift traffic, the tape required complete replacement in order to maintain bright clean floor markings.

Our current tape must be reapplied more than once a month due to deterioration the tape deteriorates too fast and we are continually applying new tape.

The customer needed to mark box shaped cells, totaling 380 linear feet of tape. Over a seven month period, they tracked how many labor hours were needed for both the initial installation and any replacement needed to maintain their floor markings. At the conclusion of this seven month case study, the customer only had to replace 20 linear feet of the Superior MarkTM tape, while the standard floor tape had to be replaced entirely on a monthly basis.

The case study used the average cost of compensation to maintenance workers in the manufacturing sector to calculate labor costs of floor marking. While Superior MarkTM requires a higher initial investment, at the end of the 7 month case study using Superior MarkTM over standard floor tape would reduce costs by $1,792.84 overall.

All of the tape is still in good shape. We are really impressed with the quality of this product, said Bill Lindberg, Industrial Engineer at A.Raymond Tinnerman Manufacturing, Inc, 7 months after the case study began.

InSite Solutions will continue to monitor the condition of the Superior MarkTM over time, and expects the material will continue to provide additional cost savings for the company.

Superior MarkTM floor marking tape is a durable PVC material, 32 mils thick featuring recessed adhesive and beveled edges designed to increase durability and withstand all warehouse traffic. For more information on InSite Solutions, LLC Superior MarkTM tape, please visit their website,

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