Chevrolet Dealership Coming Back to Wake Forest. Hooray!

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A conditional district rezoning application for the proposed Bobby Murray Chevrolet Auto Sales Facility in on the April 16, 2015 planning meeting agenda.

The site is 20 acres and located at the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Shearon Farms Avenue. Existing zoning is HD, I-1, and CU I-1. Requested zoning is CU-HB. The proposed development consists of 3 buildings totaling 95,000 square feet. Applicant is Hagersmith Design. Planner – Charlie Yokley.

For those of us with Chevy cars and trucks it will be so nice not having to go to Zebulon, Creedmor or Raleigh for service.

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3 thoughts on “Chevrolet Dealership Coming Back to Wake Forest. Hooray!”

  1. Welcome To Wake Forest. Bobby Murray Chevrolet.Four of my family member work for,Bobby Murray for many years.Back in days Bobby Murray Sr and,Bobby Murray,Jr.Now retired.A deanship you can trust,and depend on,and know they do a good job for you.If it not right there work with you until it like you want it to be.

  2. Fantastic, another dealership to ruin the lives of a nice neighborhood who already has a nightmare getting in and out w/ all the traffic to Capital. Destroying the forest and devaluing all the nearby property. Causing noise and having people speed through private roads where kids are playing.


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