Sport Clips – A Great Place for a Haircut

An actual conversation I overheard while waiting at Sport Clips to get my hair cut, Mom says, “He needs his hair cut really short but he wants it to look long.” The stylist said, “Of course, no problem.”

While I think that’s more a problem of time, space, and physical hair, the stylist took on the task as if it was really not a problem at all. A big hat tip to her.

Sport Clips is a franchise/chain hair cut place that gears their environment more towards dudes. With loads of televisions showing sports and a more masculine motif the audience is always boys and men. If you are a female and want to get your hair cut there, I have absolutely no problem with that.

While the store has a website, the critical information to know, the inside scoop, is if you call ahead, 919-562-8558, you can avoid a long wait on a busy day. Generally calling 30 minutes or so in advance is sufficient. When you arrive, let them know you are there and you called ahead and they will slip you in pretty darn fast.

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