A Random Wake Forest Photo: Just let yourself in

Just let yourself in

Image by smkybear
This is a series of 20 pictures of the W.E.B. DuBois School in Wake Forest NC

This is one end of the middle building – as you can see here the roof is gone and most of the walls have collapsed.

The W.E.B. DuBois School opened in 1926 in the African-American community in Wake Forest, North Carolina. In 1939 it became the Wake Forest Colored High School and in 1971 was integrated and served as the campus of the Wake Forest-Rolesville Middle School. When that school outgrew the facility and moved to its present location on South Main Street in 1989, the DuBois campus became vacant. For 10 years the campus was abandoned until the DuBois Alumni Association purchased it from the Wake County School System. The two oldest buildings are in such disrepair that they are falling down. The sixth and seventh grade buildings are boarded up but are in poor condition. The eighth grade and vocational buildings continue to deteriorate almost to a point beyond repair. The gym and shop buildings are being used as community centers.

This is just some totally random Wake Forest, NC photo for you to enjoy that was shared by the photographer linked above.

We are sharing it here just to let you luxuriate in whatever memory or emotion it may bring to mind.

And since beauty and enjoyment are in the eye of the beholder, only you can decide if you enjoyed it.

Note: If you hate the photo, we didn’t take the photo so don’t blame us.

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