Watch for This Misleading Mailer for Death Benefits

A fantastic cousin sent me this mailer he received recently.

The outside of the envelope is very generic and says it comes from the Distribution Processing Center at PO Box 689, Marietta, GA 30061-0689. However, the business reply envelope inside goes to a different address at PO Box 1748, Kennesaw, GA 30156-9855.

Using the return address the company sending this mailer is Distribution Processing Center, LLC at 2146 Roswell Road, Suite 108-897, Marietta, GA 30062-3802.

Watch for This Misleading Mailer for Death Benefits

The company has many complaints listed with the BBB.

This recent complaint resonates with the mailer I received. The consumer said, “Very deceptive and shady company. Received one of their letters today in the mail requesting I send my name, address, phone, age, spouses age, and spouse’s name in order to access 2022 state regulated life insurance programs I may be entitled to. They are based in GA and I live in *******. I can see how misleading this could be for the elderly. DO NOT TRUST. Do your research first.” – Source

The mailer includes a form that appears to be in a format typically used for government forms.

It says, “You now have access to 2022 state-regulated life insurance programs,” which could confuse consumers.

Beware of this mailer. It solicits your personal information, not a state or government benefit form.

Watch for This Misleading Mailer for Death Benefits