White Mountain Partners Debt Consolidation Loan Mailer is Missing Critical Information

In my inbox today landed a mailer sent to me by a reader from White Mountain Partners. This is a company I’ve written about before here.

As with all mailers that land in your mailbox, you need to look at them for the intention for which they are sent, they are marketing pieces trying to get you to purchase a product or service.

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White Mountain Partners Advertising Mailer and What It Doesn’t Say

While the letter says you have been pre-approved, that is a throwaway statement from most marketers. It generally means you’ve been selected to receive the sales pitch, so don’t get all excited.

White Mountain Partners Advertising Mailer and What It Doesn’t Say
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While the advertising piece makes big statements about “BIG SAVINGS” and a “Rate as low as 3.83%” you will notice the letter doesn’t give you much in the way of details.

In fact, if you go to the White Mountain Partners website and read the disclosure statement you will find the following interesting statements.

“White Mountain Partners is not a lender in any transaction and does not make loans, loan commitments, or lock rates.”

“Not all consumers will qualify for the advertised rates and terms.”

“Our lending partners may be unable to extend this offer to you if you no longer meet the criteria used to select you for this offer or if you don’t meet the additional criteria established prior to this offer.”

“White Mountain Partners is not an agent of you or any lender. White Mountain Partners services are only administrative.”

“White Mountain Partners is a paid marketing lead generator.”

What to Do

If you receive a mailer like this, you should always exercise good judgment on understanding the offer before handing over any personal information.

One way to do this is to do your homework and research.

Here are some free guides to help you to do your research.

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