The Most Assinie Debt Relief Scammer Call From Visa and Mastercard Debt Relief

I got one of those hated robocalls. This one was from the Visa and Mastercard department, letting me know they could eliminate my debt under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

I thought I’d play along. Go on.

“You need to take advantage of this special limited offer for the government to eliminate your debt,” said the script reader.

She asked if I had any questions. I did have a question, “What company are you calling from?” I asked.

“I’m with the Comprehensive Debt Relief company at Visa and Mastercard,” she said.

“That’s awesome. “What is your website,” I wanted to know.

The telemarketer had two responses to that question. One was to repeat the script and talk over me; the other was to give up and transfer the call to the company that would assist me.

Hopeful I would finally get some answers; I listened to an accent from India in my ear. When he asked me if I had any questions, I again asked for the name and website of the company trying to sell me the Visa and Mastercard debt relief program.

He got pissed.

“Why do you want to know that,” he said.

“Well, it should not be a tricky question. Afterall, you called me to tell me about your program. Can you please give me specifics about the program like who the service provider is?”

After I beat him at the long pause, he finally said, “Do you have something to write this website down?”

“I’m ready.”

“The website is O381LK…”

“That’s not a website address,” I said.

He hung up on me.

The Lesson

If you get a call from anyone trying to sell you debt relief, ask them for their website or contact information so you can check them out. Do not give out any personal information before doing your homework.

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