My Flight into Dulles International Airport

Yesterday I had the chance to fly my Cessna Skylane 182 from Louisburg, NC to Dulles International Airport. While this isn’t exactly Wake Forest news, I thought you might be interested in some of the pictures from the trip.

At only 3,500 feet above the ground you get to see stuff on the ground a lot easier than you would on a commercial flight. While there is no inflight meal service, bottled water is always available. Oh yes, and no bathrooms either.

But about 90 minutes after launching at Louisburg airport I was on the ground at Dulles. Sure beats the 4.5 hour drive with traffic.


Flying over Lake Gaston.


Taxiing across Dulles airport between the main building and the midfield concourse. You can see the people mover vehicles. I had to wait for a couple of them to pass.


Big jets at the midfield international gates.


On the final approach with a jet on the ground waiting for me to make it to the ground. The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum is out of the picture to the right.


Final approach into runway 1 Center at Washington Dulles International.


Over the North Carolina countryside.

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