Wake Forest Chiropractic is a Great Place to Straighten Yourself Out

It seems as if you never need a skilled chiropractor till you are doubled over in pain. But Wake Forest is fortunate to have Dr. Shawn Phelan around to straighten us out.

Dr. Phelan and his friendly staff are compassionate, not scary, and never judge you for doing stupid stuff to put your back out.

It does not take long to spot the new patients from the patients on a regular treatment schedule. The regular patients always seem to hold the door open for the new patients who are hobbling slowly towards the door in immediate need of TLC.

The office appears to focus on getting patients in and out on an orderly schedule and values the time people have to take off from other duties or work to get adjusted. That is a focus I wish more office had.

There is no way to judge if WFC, not to be confused with KFC, is the lowest priced around. But it seems as if they don’t charge an arm and a leg.

The Wake Forest Chiropractic website can be found at WakeForestChiropractic.com. I’d suggest using the link, trying to spell chiropractic is a bitch.

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