Wake Forest Town Manager Kip Padgett Honeymoon Betting Pool Opens

On July 6 the new Town of Wake Forest manager, Kid Padgett, is set to occupy the disturbingly warm chair left by outgoing beloved town manager Mark Williams.

While Padgett has yet to start his new position, a betting pool has been created to guess how long the honeymoon will last before the crazies come out of the woodwork. Not to skew the betting, our vote is between 20-30 minutes.

Bets may be placed online by virtual currencies like sweet tea, kale, and Shorty’s hot dogs. In order to celebrate our more rural roots, participants may buy a square like in one of those rude and disgusting cow bingo contests.

In order to remain environmentally friendly a cow will not be used in this contest but instead Padgett’s new administrative assistant, Mary Margaret Muckenfuss, will run out of the building waving her hands above her head while screaming “the South will rise again” and stand in the appropriate square as soon as the first load of crap hits the fan upstairs. For this contest, emails will count as well as phone calls. Complaints about the Wake Forest News will double the payout.

Kip Padgett is a wonderful person with a portrait fit for an undertaker. Seriously, we’ve got to get you an new official Wake Forest portrait.


And without delay, here is the new Wake Forest official portrait for Kip.


Dude, you are among new friends now, you can really enjoy life and ditch the suit.

Padgett is currently the city manager in Gainesville, Georgia. A cute town located about 50 miles northeast of Hotlanta.

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Padgett let slip that he would be resigning as city manager of Gainesville at a recent Gainesville City Council meeting. He said that he was looking forward to the move toward cooler weather up north because it was a good career move and it would bring his family closer to his wife’s relatives. Additionally, since the moving van just has to travel up I-85 and hang a right at Henderson, the move won’t be all that tough.

The local Gainesville Times and Joshua Silavent (their version of David Leone) reported the city council was understandably crushed.

“Padgett, who has worked for the city for the past 13 years and as city manager since January 2009, described Gainesville as a wonderful place to live and work.

“This council, the employees and the citizens of this great city will always hold a special place for us,” Padgett said. “It is difficult to say goodbye, but we are also excited for the new adventures that await us.”

Council members said Padgett has been a great manager and communicator and will be sorely missed.

“We understand and we wish you Godspeed,” said Mayor Danny Dunagan. “They’re getting a great guy, and we’re losing a great guy.”

Councilman Sam Couvillon said Padgett had exceeded expectations in his role.

“I hold you in the highest regard,” he added. “I consider you a confidant and a friend. I don’t think that that ends today; it just moves forward.”

Councilwoman Myrtle Figueras recalled the many years working alongside Padgett, with officials crediting him for bringing the city through the economic recession in good shape.

“We’ve been through quite a few things together,” Figueras said. “I ache, but I understand.”

Councilman George Wangemann said he wasn’t surprised that Padgett was able to land a great new job.

“Our loss will be Wake Forest’s gain,” Wangemann said. “Gainesville is much better off today as a result of his governmental sojourn through our city.”

“We are very pleased to have someone with Kip’s experience,” said Wake Forest Mayor Vivian Jones. “We believe he will fit very well into the cooperative and customer service culture that is such an important part of our Strategic Plan and will be a strong leader in implementing the Community Plan.”

Welcome to Wake Forest Kip. We look forward to making you question your decision in so many unusual and unique ways.

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