Panera – Beautiful Food

My father has this thing about soup. He always wants to go some place to eat that has a selection of impressive soups, even on the hottest days. Panera Bread fills the bill with an impressive choice of soups each day along with a combination of breakfast treats, lunch sandwiches, and tasty bakery treats; sweet stuff, bagels, and bread.

The nearest Panera to Wake Forest is currently seven miles away, just down across from Triangle Mall, but it’s worth the trip.

Warning though, during the day a lot of on the road sales people use Panera for a place to meet and use the free WiFi. Don’t be surprised to overhear all sorts of conversations during that time. All at once, people are selling cosmetics, nutrition products, the latest MLM pitch, and even police detectives interviewing potential witnesses. Yes, I actually overheard that one day.

Never dull, always a positive adventure, and good food to boot. Lines can extend out the door to order food at traditional meal times due to popularity.

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