Local Teen Needs Your Help to Play With His Balls

Zack Currin can’t make up his mind which he loves more, BBQ or golf. And good for him. That’s a tough one to have to choose between.

dadkidgolfNow the industrious Zack is working hard to live his dream of playing golf. You can help by just doing what you do best, eating delicious BBQ.

Zack said, “I LOVE GOLF. Summer golf for a youth means finding your own tournaments and paying for your own tournaments. It is not like Youth Baseball or Soccer.

So the challenge for me was how can I achieve my goals and be a responsible, aspiring golfer and play a summer tournament schedule that will help develop me as a player.”

Zack and his dad, Neil Currin love BBQ’ing pork together, almost as much as they love golf. The pair came up with a brilliant way to help Zack further his dream of getting really good at smacking that ball down that long lawn and into the hole.

silergolfZack said, “I decided doing periodic BBQ Fundraisers was a viable way I could take control of my career and afford to play. At age 13, it is hard to get job.”

So to raise money in support of his potentially rewarding golf career, Zack is going to be selling tasty and delicious BBQ for $8 per pound and it will be ready for pickup or deliver in Wake Forest on Friday May 29th.

You can get tickets from Neill Currin, AKA the father of Zack or PM him on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ncurrin

All Tickets/Orders are Presold. We will also offer whole smoked Boston Butts that will range in weight from 3-5 LBS for $1 discount per pound.

If you have any questions call Neill – 919.482.6483

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