About Us

Wake Forest News (WFNCNews.com) strives to be the fifth-best news source for beautiful Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Well, actually we sometimes cover the following areas, some better than others.

  • Wake Forest, NC – 27587
  • Some of Raleigh, NC – 27615
  • Some of Raleigh, NC – 27616
  • Raleigh, NC – 27614
  • Youngsville, NC – 27596
  • Rolesville, NC – 27571
  • Maybe some of Franklinton, NC – 27525
  • And by accident, some of Creedmor, NC – 27522

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But our home is in Wake Forest, which is a wonderful place to live, start a family, raise great children, grow old, and die.

The people are lovely, the residents are kind and caring and those that live here know they are lucky. Actually, most of the people here are from someplace else anyway. But they still rock!

Founded in 2013, the Wake Forest News provides local residents with moments of real information and a smattering of humor and levity, hopefully.

The Wake Forest News mascot. Yes, we do have a mascot.
The Wake Forest News mascot. Yes, we do have a mascot. You got a problem with that?

“Being perfect and number one in this market takes too much work. We strive to be number five,” said our irrelevant publisher.

At the Wake Forest News, we are dedicated to our motto, “Where Half the News is Fit to Print.” We spend absolutely no time on wasted efforts such as proofreading. Proofreading is for pussies.

Seeing how religion, mostly the Baptist, plays such a strong role in Wake Forest, NC it goes without saying some people are going to be pretty pissed off with some of the stuff we write. But the target we strive for is to please no more than ten readers.


If anyone is rightfully disgusted by our stories and pictures we invite you not to read the publication. In fact, you should absolutely send an angry email to your friends and tell them never, ever, ever to read the Wake Forest News either. If you share us on social media like Facebook and Twitter, that will really irritate us and you’ll get the last laugh. Oh, we really hope you don’t do that.

But all joking aside, if we have printed anything in error or that is factually incorrect, we don’t want that. Please contact us here so we can make sure readers have the correct information. You will find that we are very reasonable and accomodating.

The Wake Forest News is an example of journalism’s growing hyperlocal news movement. We are still working on the local part but we’ve got hyper down pat.

The paper is poorly funded entirely by advertising and one of these days we’ll get around to doing a better job of that. But till then we are firmly committed in…hey there’s a squirrel!