Tuesday, January 18, 2022


At the Wake Forest News most of us barely know how to dress ourselves or eat properly but if it’s advice you want, what the hell.

An Open Letter to an Addict I Love

This past week I had a visit from the son of a longtime friend who is struggling with a challenging journey from addiction to someplace else. He’s trying to find a way to live outside of heroin and other drugs. He’s been to rehab and back again, and yet he’s still struggling. He’s 24-years-old now and trying to take small …

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Appropriate Ways to Offer Condolences in the Workplace

Wake Forest Obituaries

You only know Jane to talk to her in the hall between your offices. You may send her an email occasionally about a job-related question or say “hello” in a company-wide meeting once a month. Just last week you heard her father died and you’re scheduled to have a meeting with her in a few days. You’re already feeling uncomfortable …

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How to Put the Brakes on Pet Car Sickness

Festus on a recent flight with Pilot.dog

With winter travel in high gear many of us plan on hitting the road with our pooches for a little winter fun. However, for some four-legged family members, road trips can mean upset tummies. Queasiness in the car is not just a human problem. Dogs and puppies do sometimes experience motion sickness on car rides. Unfortunately, car sickness can make …

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Nicole Luna is the NC Regional Coordinator for EF High School Exchange Year. She is actively seeking families to host exchange students for the 2016-2017 school year. She has students with a wide variety of backgrounds, family sizes, and interests, and all students are funded, screened, and insured. To find out about several students who are looking for families for …

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How Much Do We Need to Save For a Baby?

Having a baby girl has been a wonderful blessing for us. As we’re settling into her 3rd month, we’re constantly surprised at how quickly she’s growing. When we found out we were expecting, my husband and I decided that we were going to set aside some money to cover baby expenses. If you’re in the same boat, I hope this …

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Using Coupons at The Dollar Tree

Coupons and The Dollar Tree don’t sound like they go together, but The Dollar Tree has been accepting coupons for years! However, other than myself, I rarely see anyone use them. So I randomly picked ten women (women because 58.7% of people who coupon are female) in the store to ask if they ever used coupons. Nine out of the …

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Local Teacher Would Like Your Feedback

Teaching. It is what I do. It is what where my passion lies. I believe it is important to teach students much more than Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. As adults, we know it takes more than academics to be successful in life, such as how to handle stress, work as a team, fail, and a variety of other instances that …

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3 Ways to Beat This Ridiculous Heat

It’s flippin’ hot outside y’all! Here are some fool proof ways to cope: 1. Redneck Swimming Pool: Not everyone has the luxury of their own pool or access to a community pool. Even if you do, most pools start to feel like bath water after a few consecutive days of intense heat and no rain. The solution: The Redneck Swimming …

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