How to Cope With a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Boss

By Katie Albert While some of us have been fortunate enough to work for excellent bosses and leaders, others have to suffer under the reign of Mood McMakesyourlifemiserable. What can you do when you find yourself working for the insufferable? There are many times when finding employment elsewhere is just not feasible. There are many … Read more

20 Easy Ways Facebook and Twitter Users Can Boost Their Credit

According to a report published by Experian at the end of 2013, young adults aged 19 to 29 had an average credit score of 628 — more than 50 points lower than the national average and the lowest of all the age groups. If you’re a millennial, maybe you’re trying to avoid debt like the plague by staying away from … Read more

Renters Need Insurance Too

Owning your own home used to be the American dream. But today, the aftermath of the mortgage crisis, the burden of student loans, and a mobile workforce have combined to encourage more Gen-Yers and Millennials to rent instead of buy. No matter what the reason you’re renting, it’s important to understand why you need renter’s … Read more

Top 10 Flea Market Tips

Springtime means flea markets, and the Kovels have shopped flea markets for years. April and May are good months for flea markets and shows. Vintage merchandise found over the winter is finally for sale, and dealers who saw slow sales in this winter of bad weather need cash to buy more. Here are Kovels’ Top … Read more