Thursday, February 27, 2020
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At the Wake Forest News most of us barely know how to dress ourselves or eat properly but if it’s advice you want, what the hell.

Twitter: How to Deal With the Jerks

Finally, some really good advice on how to deal with Twitter and the world that surrounds it. If you’ve ever been as perplexed or confused by that little blue bird as I have, check this article out. Read More »

Betting on March Madness and NCAA Brackets Could Get You in Legal Trouble

The 2015 NCAA Tournament is turning out to be particularly exciting, with many close games and upsets. With 67 total games and a range bets to put money down on — including game outcomes, brackets and prop bets — March Madness is a huge money mover. Gambling on NCAA brackets alone will total at least $ 2 billion, but total betting on the ... Read More »

3 Ways to Keep Your Debit Card Safe at the ATM

When consumers use an ATM, the most they may worry about is forgetting to grab their debit card or the money out of the machine. However, with the increasing risk of fraud, you have more to fear as you may not notice ATM skimmers secretly working in the background. ATM skimmers, or devices that read and record credit and debit card ... Read More »

7 Really Crappy & Stupid Ideas to Make Your Commute Less Boring

A long commute is always an inevitable major pain in the back, especially with the rampant bad traffic conditions that plague most cities. No one enjoys spending hours on end just sitting wishing the time would just pass by each and every single day. Long journeys to and fro work have also been proven to heighten stress levels, increase fatigue ... Read More »

Local Market in National Top Ten List of Places to Buy a Home

Young people are flocking to cities like New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C., when perhaps they should consider places in North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee — at least if they want to buy a home. First-time homebuyers often find gathering enough cash to make a down payment is their biggest obstacle, but millennials aren’t helping themselves by moving into areas ... Read More »

One Way to Eliminate Your Student Loans in Your Spare Time

By Katie Albert How do you start a family, buy a home or just live a comfortable life when your minimum monthly student loan payment is more than most mortgage payments? You could easily pay off those pesky student loans if you only had more money. You could get a second job. Who needs to spend time with friends and ... Read More »

Home Renovations Can Break the Bank If You’re Not Careful

Lately people have been asking me about how to remodel or renovate a home on a reasonable budget. That’s a great question and one that most people never ask before embarking on a desired project. I must admit I didn’t before I learned the lessons the hard way. On HGTV and other outlets the lessons learned about blowing the budget ... Read More »

My Father’s Dementia Makes Me Laugh

I suppose I must start out with a hat tip to honesty and confess that while the title to this piece is about how my father’s dementia makes me laugh, I do have moments where I secretly want to cry about it. If he had a choice between drifting into dementia or avoiding that storm all together, I’d help him ... Read More »

An Open Letter to an Addict I Love

This past week I had a visit from the son of a longtime friend who is struggling with the very difficult journey from addiction to someplace else. He’s trying to find a way to live outside of heroin and others drugs. He’s been to rehab and back again and yet he’s still struggling. He’s 24-years-old now and trying to take ... Read More »

Why Do We Keep Hearing Explosions Near Falls Lake?

Reader Question Dear Wake Forest News, I have, and others as well, heard loud explosions late at night quite a few times. It has been raised a few times on the Wake Forest Community Information page on facebook. We live off Bud Morris Rd, but the explosions sound distant as if they were across the lake (Falls Lake) perhaps. When ... Read More »