New Trump Credit Card Not For Mexicans or Ugly Women

In an effort to make America great again the Donald Trump campaign grabbed media attention this morning when it beat others to the punch in a virtual public relations riot. The announcement caught many off guard and was totally unexpected in its greatness. The announced plan describes an effort to churn the American economy faster … Read more

The Funniest Christmas Lawn Ornament Yet

[KGVID][/KGVID] Last night a Lowe’s, Pam was browsing through the Christmas decoration section, which is already out, and she spotted the giant Big Mouth Billy Bass inflatable. Please do me a huge favor, if you spot one of these in the front yard of anyone in Wake Forest, please stop, take a picture, and send … Read more

Town of Wake Forest to Open Embassy in Raleigh

In an effort to help open a dialogue and established better communications and understanding, the Town of Wake Forest is planning to open its first embassy in a foreign land. The Wake Forest embassy, set to open in 2017, will be located in Raleigh since we all know what happens in Raleigh is foreign to … Read more