Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Let’s Have a Good Time

Stuff that will either make you laugh, want to do it or see it, or flip off the screen. The choice is yours.

Now That’s a Contractor That Uses His Truck

Now there is a work truck from one apparent disorganized but hard working contractor.

Spotted the work truck below at Lowe’s this morning. That’s one truck that looks like it is struggling to carry the load. In fact the rear was sitting on the bottom stops. No soft ride in this hard tail. The dash appears to set the record for the amount of stuff that can be stashed up there as well, including ... Read More »

Wake Forest Continues to Illuminate Its Balls for Holiday Celebration

Single Wide Merry Christmas

The holiday season of 2013 is no different than that from years ago. The comfort of tradition can be found in the continuity of our glorious Wake Forest holiday celebrations. And there can be no finer Wake Forest tradition than our annual celebration of a pawnbrokers Christmas. The traditional illuminated pawnbroker balls have been carefully installed again this year in ... Read More »

Need to Smile? Head to the Wake Forest Cemetery.

Heading off to the cemetery seems like the opposite of a good time. But it can put a smile on your face if you know what to look for. Our little Wake Forest Cemetery at 400 N. White Street, has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment if you can look around. For a Good Time, Look for ... Read More »

You Know You Love Television When…

Spotted these cute kids at the donut place this morning while we were doing research for a story. They caught our eye because of how transfixed they appeared to be with the television. Now the screen might be hard to read but it had the same message on it the entire time we were sitting there, “Complete Signal Loss.” The ... Read More »

For All Your Camouflage Ladder Needs

We spotted these ladders at Lowe’s this morning. Not sure if there is going to be a run on these or not. But in case you had a your holiday wishes set on being the first family on the block to own a camouflage ladder, they’ve got them. Now we get the attraction of camouflage for those who love to ... Read More »

Wake Forest Water in the Air Screams Look at Me

Was over at the Post Office on E. Holding Avenue this afternoon to see if the promised pothole patches had been completed. They have. No need to risk your front end alignment anymore to send a package. Only time will tell how long these patches will last but for now, they are now more griddle holes than pot holes. But ... Read More »

Caption Contest – Post Your Suggested Caption to THIS!

Thanks to a wonderful reader we were tipped off about the lonely ottoman left by the train tracks downtown. The picture was so sad it just called out for a community effort to give this orphaned ottoman a decent caption. We accidentally played the Sarah McLaughlin song below while we looked at the picture and wound up crying like a ... Read More »

Like Nails on a Blackboard

Just passed this sign on the side of the road. For those that are not familiar with what we are complaining about see this and this. It’s like a thorn in our eyes. Damn you Wakeforest! Read More »