Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Let’s Have a Good Time

Stuff that will either make you laugh, want to do it or see it, or flip off the screen. The choice is yours.

A Special Treat – FU Bubbles

They are festive and fun. They are the perfect send off for that long overdue breakup you’ve contemplated but have been gutless to roll out of. FU Bubbles are the right parting gift when giving the finger isn’t good enough. You can blow FU Bubbles in their face and they are not toxic even though you wish they were. The ... Read More »

White Street Computers, Portal to Salvation

We were walking down the street in Wake Forest on this crisp Saturday morning, the first chill of the season, and spotted what might actually be the secret path to heaven and/or hell. At least it certainly looks that way. The choices are either beckoning biblical shafts of light from above which invite you to eternal salvation or you can ... Read More »

Bearable Hit and Run – Caption Contest

We are absolutely not sure what the story is behind this cute adorable bear stuck to the front of this beater car is. It’s got to be good though. The conversation must have gone something like, “Sally, I can’t believe I actually rear ended that old ladies car on Capital Blvd.” “You parents are going to be pissed, what are ... Read More »

PowerSecure Featured Image Confuses Us

Granted, we are all easily confused here at the Wake Forest Times News (we even got our own name wrong) but in researching a potential story about PowerSecure, a Wake Forest company doing fantastic, the featured image of a pot plant in the Google search results has left us scratching our heads. Sometimes truth is much funnier than fiction. Read More »

We Can’t Figure It Out Either

You know all those back window stickers on cars that show the family? Our favorite one recently was one where there was Mom, Dad, and the kids but Dad got scraped off. We are thinking d-i-v-o-r-c-e. But when we saw the one below around town it was far too complex for me to figure out. If you’ve got a clue, ... Read More »

Oh Grammar. Why You Be So Difficult?

We have NO room to make fun of other people for their horrible writing because here at the Wake Forest News our motto is proofreading is for pussies. But as bad as we might be, these commenters have got us beat. Thanks to JacksFilms for a huge laugh. Enjoy. Read More »

Wake Forest Shopping Find – Zombie Shooting Targets

We are always keeping our eyes open for the weird or unusual items available around town. Today we have something you would not expect to find, zombie shooting targets. Yes, you read that right, zombie shooting targets. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. But please do us a favor and do not decorate your kids room with these. Sigh, ... Read More »