Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Let’s Have a Good Time

Stuff that will either make you laugh, want to do it or see it, or flip off the screen. The choice is yours.

Now There Are Some Crazy Brave Dudes

On April 9, 1959, NASA’s first administrator, Dr. Keith Glennan, announced the names of the agency’s first group of astronauts at a news conference in Washington, D.C. Now known as the “Original Seven,” they included three Naval aviators, M. Scott Carpenter, Walter M. Schirra Jr., and Alan B. Shepard Jr.; three Air Force pilots, L. Gordon Cooper Jr., Virgil I. ... Read More »

Selfie Stick Goes Bad

Here is a photo from outside Buckingham Palace showing what happens when you get a call but your phone is locked in the grip of a selfie stick. You wind up having to do this and looking as if you’ve been impaled. Isn’t technology grand? Read More »

Wake Forest Food Truck Rodeo Pulling Into Town Soon. Saddle Up.

“The Wake Forest Food Truck Rodeo is coming your way on Sunday, March 29th from 12-4pm at The Renaissance Center in historic downtown Wake Forest. Just about everything and anything that is served from the back of a truck will be featured from savory food and dessert vendors. A beer tent will be provided by Brooks Street Bowl. In addition, ... Read More »

Even the Pros Make Mistakes. Swing and a Miss.

An awesome reader sent in this picture showing that even the real professional reporters fail at proofreading sometimes. Dilemma is close enough to delimma for us but then again one of our founding rules is to proofread as little as possible. Read More »

Wake Forest News Wins Worst Wake Forest Media Outlet

We are proud to announce the Wake Forest News has finally won a contest. In the recent contest for worst media outlet in a North Carolina town of 5,000 residents, we finally won the recognition we have worked so hard to earn as the worst news outlet in the region. Of course if confession is in the air, we did ... Read More »

Wake Forest Announces New But Disturbing Parks and Recreation Programs

The wonderful Wake Forest Parks and Recreation Department has announced new potential upcoming programs for Wake Forest residents. We all know the department is full of hard-working exceptional people who spend their waking hours deviously crafting new games, classes, and team sports to keep the athletic town rift-raft off the streets. Well they’ve outdone themselves again this season with new ... Read More »

Funky Guys to Raise Beer for Needy Wake Forest Peeps

So many messages I get are all about raising funds for this or that but here is a tastily refreshing one from some funky dudes coming to town this week to help us all raise our glasses. Will from the Will McBride Group said, “I wanted to let you know about our upcoming show at White Street Brewing in Wake ... Read More »

What Is That in That Car Commercial?

My wife told me I had to see this commercial on television last night. She asked, “Is that really a huge cock and balls in the background?” Well, if it was not intentional, it sure looks like it. What do you think? Planned or accidental? Read More »

Martians Coming to Wake Forest

A wonderful reader used the free Wake Forest News App and sent in this picture saying, “Got this on 98 at Falls deli. Looks like Martians are real….” Awesome shot. Keep the pictures coming! Read More »