Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Let’s Have a Good Time

Stuff that will either make you laugh, want to do it or see it, or flip off the screen. The choice is yours.

Police, Fire and Town Departments Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This afternoon was a good time for the Wake Forest Police Department, Fire Department and Town representatives, including Town Manager Mark Williams to stand in the Home Depot parking lot and pour water on themselves. Mission accomplished. Never to back down from a water based charity challenge the Town of Wake Forest bit on the ALS Ice Bucket dare from ... Read More »

How Many Toilet Water Drinking People Live in Johnston County?

Mike, a wonderful reader, sent in this photo captured of a urinal at Johnston Community College. Now I don’t know about you, but do Johnston Community College students really need to be told in bold print, not to drink the urinal water? If so, I would suggest driving around Johnston County on your travels. It’s also nice to know that ... Read More »

Dear Sky Mall, I Love You

I’ve actually never purchased anything from Sky Mall, that outfit which fills the airplane seat pockets with catalogs of shopping goodies. But I look at the magazine every single time I fly. I was on a plane the other day and had to laugh out loud at some of the items available. I wanted to share them with you. First ... Read More »

Lovely Local Lady Launches Lemon Line – Limon

Jan Yurcheshen of Wake Forest is a creative soul. She seems to have a genetic entrepreneurial streak in her that leads her into new exciting efforts. From fudge, to gift baskets to her new line of lemon based products she’s a powerhouse and a dynamo. Tucked away over on N. Wingate Street is the international headquarters of Limon. This is ... Read More »

Shopping Addict License Plate – Funny

Jessica sent in this license plate she spotted at Crabtree Mall yesterday. Now there is someone who is fully in touch with their shoe addiction. Thanks for sending it in Jessica. If you spot a funny license plate, send it in here. Read More »

Miniature Patriotic Stripper Pole Spotted in Wake Forest

The other day I was driving through our beautiful little Wake Forest when I spotted this bench erected outside the fence of a house in a nice neighborhood. It confused me. I had to stop and take this picture. I’m entirely not sure what is going on here. I get the fact the bench is painted a stripy version of ... Read More »

The License Plate of a Married Person

Reader Frank sent in this plate he spotted on in Wake Forest on South Main not long ago. For those who might be married you will recognize the sentiment. Keep sending in the creative license plates you spot around Wake Forest that make you smile. You can do that by clicking here. Let’s celebrate creative humor. Read More »

Stupid Does License Plate Truck Confounds Reader

Thanks to Kristi for sending this in to me through Facebook. Priceless photo. I have to agree with Kristi, if you are going to have a “stupid is as stupid does” license plate on the front of your vehicle it might be better to not so grossly park. Or, maybe it’s just a warning plate to others? Read More »

Wake Forest Rotary Club Loses Mind – Pig Humping

Last night the Wake Forest Rotary Club officially lost it’s mind when they invited this guy to come visit, give a little presentation and chow down on some fine The Forks food. Big hat tip to the lima beans. Yum, yum, yum. Nom, nom, nom. Never having attended a Rotary Club meeting I had no idea what to expect. I’ve ... Read More »