Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Let’s Have a Good Time

Stuff that will either make you laugh, want to do it or see it, or flip off the screen. The choice is yours.

Wake Forest Bank Really Knows How to Party on a Friday Night

In this age of modern banking competition, you’ve got to hand it to BB&T for knowing how to attract new customers. Apparently the branch on Durham Road is the place to have fun on a Friday night. Too bad the sign didn’t say, “Live music, drinks, and free cash every Friday night.” Rock on BB&T, rock on. Read More »

Police Officer Selling This Super Cool Firefighter Harley for Good Reason

I’m helping out a Raleigh area police officer friend get some additional exposure about his very nice looking Firefighter Harley 2013 HD Road King FLHR he needs to sell. As you will read, there is a very good reason for the sale and he’s only asking $16,500 for it. If you are interested, please contact the owner at or ... Read More »

Oh Taco Truck, You Made Me Smile

I passed the truck below headed down Capital Boulevard the other day. The slogan confused me. I’m familiar with the phrase best “in the world” but how many tacos are served from inside the planet? So Taco Grande, I’ll have to give you that one. You probably are serving the best Mexican food from inside the planet. No danger of ... Read More »

Wake Forest High School From the Air and Fireworks Information

I was out prepping for shooting aerial footage of the upcoming Wake Forest July 4th fireworks which will launch on July 3rd. I captured a couple of nice images of Wake Forest High School during my recon flight that I thought I’d share. Don’t miss out on the fun and good times to be had this week at the Fireworks ... Read More »

How Did We Not Die as Kids at Camp Low Expectations

I just drove past the sign below for the Wake Forest YMCA camp and it made me chuckle. You see I’m of an entirely different generation, the intermediate one. At 54 I fall between my parents and grandparents (80 – dead) who had to walk a mile in snow to get to school and the digital kids of today. I’ll ... Read More »

I’m Boycotting “Have a Good One.”

Remember when people used to say, “Have a nice day?” I’ve noticed lately that people in our lovely Wake Forest and elsewhere, have shortened this to “have a good one.” Or at least that’s what I suppose they mean. I could be dead wrong. I’m good at that. While I appreciate the gesture and best wishes for the moments to ... Read More »

Just Sayin’ – You No Longer Make Me Happy

It always amazes me how often forget that life is a one-way journey. There are no do overs. Today you are the oldest you’ve ever been, yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a hopeful wish. You are entitled to nothing. Your next breath is a gift. My Wake Forest News readers bring great joy and happiness to my life ... Read More »

“Look Mom I Got Two Breadsticks”

A beloved reader sent in the picture below of her darling child showing off his breadsticks and cheese at the playground. Those with less pure minds, like us, may see it just looks like he’s giving his Mom that derogatory universal gesture, but that’s not what’s actually happening. Sometimes the most innocent moments can be the funniest. Read More »

Rent a Fire Truck, Fireman for a Day

(Guest post by Christopher Williams) What child doesn’t dream of being a hero, and what adult doesn’t dream of being a kid again? First-In Fire Company brings the dream right to your door. They deliver a real fire apparatus and personnel to your bachelor/bachelorette or birthday party (kids or adults), wedding, company-sponsored picnic or other special event to create an ... Read More »