Quote of the Whenever

Screw committing to publish a quote on any particular frequency. The posts here are just whenever. You will laugh or be damned. Maybe we’ve had too much coffee. Hum, now that we think about it that is absolutely the fact and we can’t seem to stop typing a category description for this thing. We are trapped in category description hell and can’t get out. Quick, call Wake Forest Fire Department. We need rescuing.

Just Sayin’ – You No Longer Make Me Happy

It always amazes me how often forget that life is a one-way journey. There are no do overs. Today you are the oldest you’ve ever been, yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a hopeful wish. You are entitled to nothing. Your next breath is a gift. My Wake Forest News readers bring great joy and happiness to my life …

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We Are Crying Laughing

You know a picture is awesome when either you do that snort laughing thing or coffee comes out your nose. Warning, this one might accomplish both tasks. With love, The Nutters at the Wake Forest News

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Question Authority. We’re Going With Yes On This One.

It’s so odd that actually happened to someone else as well. We thought it was just us at the Wake Forest News that this happened to. You know it’s time to question authority when a unicorn is driving a van. Or alternatively, it’s time to ask a friend to stay with you till the mushrooms wear off. And we’re talking …

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