Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Reader Photos

We love reader photos. Please send your’s in by email at or upload them here.

Recycle Your Cash Here

Amanda sent in this photo from her trip to China. Apparently the ATM is a “Cash Recycling System.” And ironically, I suppose that is a factual statement. Here at the Wake Forest News we love guest posts like this one. Please feel free to contribute your story by submitting it here. All contributors will most likely achieve a total lack ... Read More »

These Firefighters are Turkeys

Probably the bravest turkeys you’ll ever meet though. You’ve got to wonder how many bad jokes those firefighters have heard over the years? Maybe I’ll have to contact the Chief Turkey and ask. But then again he’d probably tell me to go stuff myself. Read More »

Martians Coming to Wake Forest

A wonderful reader used the free Wake Forest News App and sent in this picture saying, “Got this on 98 at Falls deli. Looks like Martians are real….” Awesome shot. Keep the pictures coming! Read More »

Just Goes to Show It Doesn’t Have to be Fancy

Katie (XO) sent in this picture of a truck engaged in the proverbial traveling advertising approach to drum up business. Now the modern-day technique is to but some cheap magnetic signs from VistaPrint and do something fancy like… But his classic sign approach is an example of a technique that has been long-lost like an middle-age skill. You have to ... Read More »

Reader Pictures This Week Make Me LOL and Maybe Even LMAO

Rather than post all of the individual pictures readers sent in this past week, one-at-a-time, I have accumulated them here. I have to give a bit hat tip to everyone who sent one in. You are amazing and I appreciate your keen eye for beauty and humor and capturing it to share. And of course the equally valuable category, irony. ... Read More »

Weathermagedon – Reader Photos

During the recent February 2014 Weathermagedon snow storm we juggled a number of snowballs in the air. Not only was there the live video storm coverage which you can see here, but plowing our own driveway, getting coffee, and posting reader photos on the Wake Forest News Facebook page. Sadly we have to report we dropped the snowball in posting ... Read More »

Joyner Park – Reader Photo

Nadelle Williams' photo of Joyner Park in the snow.

We received the following reader photo from Nadelle Williams who said, “A beautiful day at Carroll Joyner Park a day after the snow storm. Feb 2014.” Apparently Nadelle took this beautiful photo from her car judging by the file name. That makes us double jealous. Not only is it a fantastic photo but she didn’t have to get out of ... Read More »