More Weekend Youngsville Observations in Photos

Having too much time on our hands last weekend we found ourselves wandering around neighboring Youngsville where we spotted the things below. While moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric it sure sounds like an animal byproduct. Lambs wool on the other hand is lambs wool. So it seems things named after animals are good for … Read more

Caught My Dad Exercising. Scared Me to Death.

I walked into the room while my father was doing his regular morning exercises and this is honestly what I saw. It was just a coincidental juxtaposition of his rug, his exercise mat and the moment I took the picture that certainly makes him look like his morning stretching routine is crucifying him. I had … Read more

Wake County Super Cool Christmas Lights Map

Kids provide magic power to Wake Forest Christmas Tree

Facebook reader and Wake Forest Commissioner Jim Thompson has started a map of all the fantabulous holiday lights in the Wake County area. Nice effort by Jim and it is much appreciated to help hunt down the most incredible light displays. You can visit his map here or see the current map below. Jim’s already … Read more

Heritage Plumber Gets Crazy Crafty for Christmas

Thanks to reader Janet Striegel who contacted us here, we learned about the amazing mad plumbing skills of Anthony Strossi. Anthony and his wife Darlene moved to Heritage about two years ago from Clayton and brought their Christmas tradition with them, PVC holiday decorations. Strossi has some crazy savant skill of being able to build … Read more