Wake Forest Continues to Illuminate Its Balls for Holiday Celebration

Single Wide Merry Christmas

The holiday season of 2013 is no different than that from years ago. The comfort of tradition can be found in the continuity of our glorious Wake Forest holiday celebrations. And there can be no finer Wake Forest tradition than our annual celebration of a pawnbrokers Christmas. The traditional illuminated pawnbroker balls have been carefully … Read more

Need to Smile? Head to the Wake Forest Cemetery.

Heading off to the cemetery seems like the opposite of a good time. But it can put a smile on your face if you know what to look for. Our little Wake Forest Cemetery at 400 N. White Street, has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment if you can look around. For … Read more

Caption Contest – Post Your Suggested Caption to THIS!

Thanks to a wonderful reader we were tipped off about the lonely ottoman left by the train tracks downtown. The picture was so sad it just called out for a community effort to give this orphaned ottoman a decent caption. We accidentally played the Sarah McLaughlin song below while we looked at the picture and … Read more