Wake Forest Squirrel Gives Drivers the Finger

We did get a big old laugh out of the story shared with us this morning by Gary Fleming. He sent it in to us here. And being total suckers for a good squirrel story, we had to share it with you. After all, our mascot is a squirrel. Squirrel Unites Strangers in Coordinated Act … Read more

Arnold Palmer Wake Forest University Celebration Makes Us Sad

We are kind of feeling a bit cheated. Yes, Wake Forest University, which began in our beautiful little town and then split and took the name, got all the glamour of a recent Arnold Palmer celebration in Winston-Salem. And what’s with that name, Winston-Salem. Can’t make up your mind? Winston-Salem University not good enough for … Read more

When Texting and Motherhood Collide in a Bad Way

Regular readers will recognize that here at the Wake Forest News we like to keep things light and funny. But for a moment we are going to have to dangerously wander into more serious territory. This morning, while a passenger in a truck driving up Capital Blvd, we passed a car and could absolutely not … Read more

Religious Rap Battle, Baptist v. Catholic, Who Wins?

Ashley U. helps teach religious history on the SEBTS campus with Bap Rap for a unique look at an otherwise general snoozer of a topic for many. Very creative. But her mad skills don’t end there. Check out the video below promoting a church in the area. Not to think we only talk about Baptist, … Read more

Wake Forest Security Will Make You Chuckle

In downtown Wake Forest high tech security is carried out by bad ass gnomes. No need for underpaid security officers. A gnome chasing you down the street is undoubtedly much more effective. The new Rose Mart / Shell Station / Dunkin’ Donuts on Highway 98 offers up a highly targeted security system. Apparently they are … Read more

Wake Forest Water Tower On Blind Date

Barta IV sent in this clever picture and said, “Giant robot caught snacking on vultures at Wake Forest water tower.” Good one. Is that a Dr. Who robot? We’ve spent at least two rounds of coffee debating it and still can’t agree here. Anyone know the origins of the water tower caressing robot. Hum, maybe … Read more

Fifty Shades of Hay – Wake Forest Shopping Find

Fifty Shades Of Hay – Wake Forest Shopping Find

Fifty Shades of Grey is riding a wave of popularity as the best soft core porn literary series that is being read by housewives across America, including Wake Forest. The series, we are told, involves a number of romantic and “liberating” sexual exploits. Whatever that means. Hate it or love it you have to give … Read more