Have you ever noticed that when people say not to worry about money it usually means they’ve got a lot and you don’t? Here at the Wake Forest News we take money seriously and cover the topic like nobody’s bidness.

How You Can Save on Motorcycle Insurance by Having Good Credit


A recent survey has revealed that the average annual cost of motorcycle insurance in the US is $702. But this figure varies depending on your location, age, and many other factors. The figure could be much higher. In California, for example, the average cost is $1,360 every year. Did you know that you can reduce … Read more

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FTC Issues Rule to Deter Rampant Made in USA Fraud

Made in USA labels will finally mean goods were made in America The Federal Trade Commission finalized a new rule that will crack down on marketers who make false, unqualified claims that their products are Made in the USA. Under the rule, marketers making unqualified Made in USA claims on labels should be able to … Read more

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LendingClub Agrees to Pay $18 Million to Settle FTC Charges

Agency charged the company with deceiving loan applicants about hidden fees Online lender LendingClub Corporation agreed to pay $18 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the company deceived consumers about hidden fees that it charged and about whether their loan applications were approved. In addition, the settlement bars LendingClub from making misrepresentations to … Read more

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Is Litigation Practice Group a Good Company?

Question: Dear Steve, Between my Visa and my line of credit, I owe $25,000, I would like you to tell me if the Litigation Practice Group is a good company to go with, LPG out of San Clemente, California. I live in Utah. Kerin Answer: Dear Kerin, Litigation Practice Group seems to be an interest … Read more

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Why Does ClearOne Advantage Have No Rating With the BBB?

Question: Dear Steve, I was looking at Clear One Advantage and tried clicking on the BBB Accredited Business A+ link featured on the homepage of their website. However, the link doesn’t work. I searched the BBB and found the Clear One Advantage profile, which shows “No Rating.” Here: Any idea why the No Rating? … Read more

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Pros & Cons of the F.I.R.E Movement

Most people dream of the day that they clock in to work for the very last time.In most cases, we imagine that’ll be when we’re a little grayer around the ears, but what if you could take the freedom and independence of retirement and experience it, say, thirty years earlier? That’s the basic principle of … Read more

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