Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Have you ever noticed that when people say not to worry about money it usually means they’ve got a lot and you don’t? Here at the Wake Forest News we take money seriously and cover the topic like nobody’s bidness.

Renovation Tips for an Age-In-Place Smart Home

A house is more than walls, roofing, and appliances — those are just the requirements to make a building. A house is where you raise your kids, where you cook breakfast on the weekends, where you celebrate holidays with your family. It’s a place where you can sit in contentment, growing old with the ones you love, living your life ... Read More »

Defendant Who Took Part in Business Coaching Scheme Agrees to Settle FTC Charges

One of the defendants involved in a multimillion-dollar business-coaching scheme has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that he helped deceive consumers with false claims that they could earn “six figures” within 90 days. The defendant in the case, Sean Brown, allegedly helped operate the coaching scheme, which did business under the name Digital Altitude. The final order bans ... Read More »

FTC Shuts Down Purveyors of Fake Documents Used for Fraud, Identity Theft

Websites sold fake pay stubs, other documents The operators of websites that sold fake documents used to facilitate identity theft and other frauds have agreed to permanently shut down their businesses as part of separate settlements with the Federal Trade Commission. In separate cases filed by the FTC, the Commission alleged that Katrina Moore, Steven Simmons, and George Jiri Strnad ... Read More »

Should You Consider a 401k Loan to Repay a Personal Loan?

According to the Investment Company Institute, there’s nearly $4.5 trillion in 401k retirement accounts representing about 18% of all retirement assets. But many people for various reasons have taken out a 401k loan. Even though they’re popular, 401k loans can be confusing. Making a bad decision on a 401k loan could put your retirement savings in jeopardy. So we contacted ... Read More »

Free Publications about Credit and Debt

Do you work or volunteer with people who are concerned about debt or want to improve their credit? Then you might be interested in these three new free booklets. Delivery to your home or office is free, too. Each booklet also is available as an online article. Getting Out of Debt has tips on dealing with car, mortgage and student ... Read More »

3 Money-Saving Sites That Will Make You Feel Like an Insider

Is there any better feeling than scoring a deal? Conversely, finding out that you overspent on a purchase can leave you feeling angry, sorrowful, and just overall unhappy. Luckily there are now more tools than ever to help you save money when shopping online. More specifically, these useful sites can often make you feel like a true insider, scooping the ... Read More »

Which Debt First?

I have a 30-year loan on my townhouse with 7% interest. I paid $75,500 and three years later I owe $73,000. My only other debt is a 6-year new car loan with 12.6% interest. I paid $23,770 and have not made my first payment yet. If I have extra money each month to pay towards one of these debts, say ... Read More »

Anatomy of a Fake Check Scam


Fake checks drive many types of scams – like those involving phony prize wins, fake jobs, mystery shoppers, online classified ad sales, and others. In a fake check scam, a person you don’t know asks you to deposit a check – sometimes for several thousand dollars and usually for more than what you are owed – and wire some of ... Read More »