Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Have you ever noticed that when people say not to worry about money it usually means they’ve got a lot and you don’t? Here at the Wake Forest News we take money seriously and cover the topic like nobody’s bidness.

Are You Making Installment Payments to the IRS? You Can Stop for Now.

The IRS has announced some important adjustments to current policies to assist debtors with financial difficulties. My CPA tax guru friend Jim Buttonow told me “If a taxpayer is in an installment agreement with the IRS, they can suspend payments through July 15th. For the over 1 million taxpayers who have their payment directly debited from their account, they will ... Read More »

Should I Reach Out to Navient Because of Covid-19?

Question: Dear Steve, Been paying thousands Of dollars to a 7000 loan taken out in 1995. Now I owe over 40k because of deferment and interest. I had been paying up until last year when I hit hard times changing jobs. Finally I get back on my feet again paying my bills including 400 IRS payment per month and 1130 ... Read More »

Should I Bother Settling an Old Navient Private Student Loan?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a private student loan from Navient and it is long past the time that I can be sued. They have offered a settlement amount. My question is- if this Private student loan from Navient is never paid back, will the Social Security department hold my benefits at retirement until the debt is paid off? Bert ... Read More »

For Americans With Bills to Pay, Help Is on the Way. Sort Of.

April has arrived. Americans, hunkered down while a pandemic rages, face what to do about their mortgage, their rent payment, their credit card bill and their other debts. Local, state and federal governments have announced a variety of aid programs to help debtors through this dark period. But like the response to the coronavirus itself, the varying initiatives have been ... Read More »

Cash Store Maybe Learns a Lesson. About Doing Bad Things

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Bureau) announced a settlement with Cottonwood Financial, Ltd., which does business under the name Cash Store. Cash Store is based in Irving, Texas and owns and operates roughly 340 retail lending outlets in Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin. The Bureau found that in the course of marketing, servicing, and collecting on ... Read More »

What Are My Options to Deal With My Debt?

Question: Dear Steve, I earned a pretty good living in the healthcare field and was paying my debt, saving and investing well until a family illness struck last July. My Mom was hospitalized and sent to hospice due to heart failure. I took time off work to be the primary caregiver to care for my Mom. I took early social ... Read More »

Is a Credit Counseling Debt Management Plan Good for Rebuilding Credit?

Question: Dear Steve, I currently owe about $25,000 in credit card debt. I make a decent salary and making the payments is not a problem. I was recently looking at a loan through Consolidated Credit Corporation. The interest rate is lower and would allow everything to be paid off in 5 years, but I’m worried about the effect on my ... Read More »

Boxes of Eden and Destinato Have My Scam Antenna Way Up

I got a tip (send in your tips here) about a company named Boxes of Eden. The reader was concerned and said, “I believe there is a scam going on to steal credit cards from unsuspecting victims using an elaborate website to promote fresh organic produce to your door in 3 days. They are also selling 4 packs of hand ... Read More »