Student Debt Doctor Scam Returns Money to Victims


The Federal Trade Commission is sending 22,817 checks totaling more than $2 million to borrowers who lost money to a student loan debt-relief scam that operated under the names Student Debt Doctor. Consumers who receive checks should cash them within 90 days, as indicated on the check. Recipients who have questions about their refund should … Read more

Merchant Cash Advance Company Forced to Send $9.7 Million to Small Businesses

The Federal Trade Commission is sending 7,731 checks totaling more than $9.7 million to small businesses who were harmed by Yellowstone Capital, a merchant cash advance company that withdrew money from their bank accounts without permission. Eligible businesses are getting 51% of their money back, averaging more than $1,200 for each check. Recipients should cash … Read more

I Want to Get Rid of My Fingerhut and Credit One Bank Cards

Question: Dear Steve, About three years ago, I acquired three credit cards – two from Credit One Bank and one from Fingerhut. I only applied for these particular ones because I had a bankruptcy in 2011, wanted to build up my credit score again, and could not find any other companies who’d issue me one. … Read more

I Paid My Bank Twice But They Say They Only Got One Payment


Question: Dear Steve, I initiated two equal payments to my credit card account by computer a week apart. One was posted to that account one was not. My bank faxed the credit card bank the transmission statements, which showed the payments to them. My bank can’t do much more than that for me. The credit … Read more

Look Around You. Most Screwed in Retirement. Oh This Data!

Yes, I’m a consumer debt expert. But in personal finance, the debt might be stressful, but it is not the ultimate personal finance killer. The lack of retirement savings is. It is human nature to discount a crisis in the future to worry about a bump in the road today. Technically it is called Hyperbolic … Read more

Parent Plus Loans Are a National Disgrace

President Biden is flirting with a massive student-loan forgiveness plan–$10,000 in debt relief for 97 percent of all college borrowers. The Washington Post, perhaps America’s most progressive newspaper, urges him not to pull the trigger. “Biden could ease the burden on the genuinely disadvantaged in a number of more targeted ways,” the WP editorial board … Read more