Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Have you ever noticed that when people say not to worry about money it usually means they’ve got a lot and you don’t? Here at the Wake Forest News we take money seriously and cover the topic like nobody’s bidness.

Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control By Debra Karplus You enjoy the flora and fauna of the outdoors, but when insects disturb your family or home, that’s different. In your efforts to avoid harsh, potentially dangerous pest control products, your search online consistently leads you to one safe “solution”, PREVENTION. Keeping termites away from your property may be easier than you think. Termites ... Read More »

How to Get Paid to Go To Undergrad

When you’re in undergrad, being independent from your parents is practically a far-fetched dream. For a couple of very unfortunate souls (myself included), it’s a hundred percent forced reality. For most, being independent just means racking up thousands and thousands in debt. We all know the next crisis is student debt. We all know that higher education is more expensive ... Read More »

The Morgan Drexen Legacy – More Pain for Lawyers and Consumers

Morgan Drexen was a nationwide debt settlement enterprise that sold consumers hope they could eliminate their debt by settling it. And while debt can certainly be settled by knowledgeable people, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) had significant concerns about the company and attorney network they created. The entire Morgan Drexen debacle is a story too long for this article. ... Read More »

Don’t Be a Zombie with Your Personal Finances

Oct 27 2015 By Mechel Glass “The Walking Dead” is a television show about a world in chaos due to a zombie outbreak. The survivors face difficult decisions and run into trouble dealing with both zombies and the living. In the real world, many servicemembers who protect our country run into financial trouble or face difficult financial decisions, but may ... Read More »

Zombie Debt Is Popping Up Again

Last night the hubby and I were busy making dinner when the phone rang. Hubster picked up the phone and began talking. As I was busy stirring the peppers and onion for fajitas (olé!), I heard him confirming his date-of-birth and a red flag went off in my head like an explosion. So I spun around and asked him, “who the ... Read More »

Pay This Bill- And Get Rich!

Pay This Bill- And Get Rich!  Your Most Important Bill! Would you be surprised if I told you that by paying one of your bills you will become rich?  The strange thing is that most people are not paying their most important bill. Let’s start by figuring out which bill could make you rich if you pay it.  Is it ... Read More »

Getting Value out of Online Dating Sites

Getting Value out of Online Dating Sites By Debra L. Karplus You’ve been on your own for a while whether it’s because you’ve always been single, are divorced or are widowed. Let’s face it; going to a movie or vacationing is much more enjoyable when you have that special someone for sharing the experience. But your friends have set you ... Read More »

Your Yearly Financial Check-Up

Your Yearly Financial Check-up Making a change can add change to your wallet By Debra L. Karplus You’re diligent about scheduling yearly doctor and dentist visits for your family, complete with blood and urine tests, flu shots, recommended cancer screenings for people your age including the beloved colonoscopy that people love to joke about; dental cleanings and x-rays, eye exams, ... Read More »

Lifestyle Changes to Consider Before Taking in a Grandchild

Sometimes when special circumstances arise, grandparents may find themselves taking in a grandchild to live with them. As these changes all take place, grandparents may wonder exactly how life will change when the grandchild comes to stay. We reached out to Sara Schwartz of to give us some insight on the lifestyle changes to consider before taking in a ... Read More »

Best Math Apps for Kids

Math was never my strong point in school. I eventually learned some good personal finance habits, but my math skills didn’t progress much beyond algebra. If only I had a smartphone and some math apps back then. My daughter, who is now in 6th grade, is much better at math than I was at her age. Her teachers have done ... Read More »