How to Future-Proof Your Side Hustle to Keep Making Money

If you don’t think technology won’t kill your side hustle, don’t be so sure. Rideshare opportunities like Uber and Lyft have been good ways to make money for many, but that is not the future. Automated vehicles will replace human-driven vehicles, and tests are already rolling on roads in Arizona and California. I’m sure there are others. The idea … Read more

This Could Shake Up the Debt Relief Industry

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed requiring certain nonbank financial firms to register with the CFPB when they become subject to certain local, state, or federal consumer financial protection agency or court orders. Before someone says this does not apply to the debt relief industry, read 12 U.S.C. 5481(15)(viii)(II). If you read the … Read more

Litigation Practice Group Contract Review

I recently wrote about the number of lawsuits Litigation Practice Group recently disclosed. Along comes a Litigation Practice Group contract, and I thought if I reviewed it, this might help people better understand this agreement and clear up any confusion. You can see my notes below each page. LPG says they will provide you with … Read more

Damn. Litigation Practice Group Sure Has a Lot of Lawsuits Against Them.


Litigation Practice Group just posted a court document that revealed something very informative for consumers. According to this document, “LPG is a named defendant in ten litigation matters – and a potential defendant in the eleventh matter. Ten of the eleven pending lawsuits involve allegations arising under the Credit Repair Organizations Act (“CROA”), 15 U.S.C. … Read more

Attorney Claims Litigation Practice Group Dragging Its Feet in Lawsuit for Consumer

The attorney, Jason Gardner, representing Carolyn Beech in a suit against Litigation Practice Group appears to be over LPG, claiming they are dragging their feet on dealing with the issues. In Beech vs. Litigation Practice Group (1:22 cv 57 – HSO-BWR) Attorney Gardner says, “As LPG admits, Plaintiff’s motion seeks to enforce discovery propounded on … Read more