What Can You Tell Me About Drone Corps? Is it a Scam?

Question: Dear Steve, I heard about the training program for Drone Corps, which sounds good. I then read your article – that it may just be a scam. Your reasoning sounds plausible. I got suspicious when the website said it needs 20 k tuition! Do you have any more updated info? After your article on … Read more

Is Second Chance Advocate a Scam?

Question: Dear Steve, Payday loan relief Secondchanceadvocate.com. They can erase my illegal loans, is what they told me. I have to pay $250 a month to them since I live in Texas, and I have a lot of loans that they told me are illegal. Is this place a scam? Should I pay them? Are … Read more

Hyundai Sent Negative Information to Credit Bureaus That Was Inaccurate

Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) penalized Hyundai Capital America (Hyundai) for repeatedly providing inaccurate information to nationwide credit reporting companies and failing to take proper measures to address inaccurate information once it was identified between 2016 and 2020. The CFPB found that Hyundai used manual and outdated systems, processes, and procedures to furnish … Read more

What Should I Do About the Company Changing the Agreement?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a service agreement that is not complete, and they are being evasive. They are changing the arrangement. What should I do? Normann Answer: Dear Normann, I have no idea what the context of your question is or who the company is. Maybe you could provide additional information in the comment … Read more