Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Have you ever noticed that when people say not to worry about money it usually means they’ve got a lot and you don’t? Here at the Wake Forest News we take money seriously and cover the topic like nobody’s bidness.

Polk Partners Loan Offer is Just More BS

A lovely reader sent me a mailer they received from Polk Partners. The mailer looks so similar to the many others I’ve received. In fact, it looks like a similar mailer with just a new company name on it. Call me cynical or highly inquisitive but these mailers raise my antenna because the claims made almost never seem to match ... Read More »

How Do I Find Out Where My Old Life Insurance Policy is Now?

Question: Dear Steve, In 1982 I bought a Life Insurance term policy and Bankcard Holders was the policyholder. Since then I have divorced and remarried and wish to change my beneficiary. However, it appears this company is now out of business. Would you know how I would find out who purchased their existing accounts at that time? Any help would ... Read More »

Millennials Get Financially Screwed the Most From COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing similar financial hardship for consumers around the world, but new research indicates that Millennials (those persons between the ages 26-40) are being challenged the most. A just-released TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) global report including seven regions on five continents found that three in four Millennials (76%) worldwide indicated their household incomes have been negatively impacted by ... Read More »

I Feel Like I’ve Paid Enough on This Auto Title Loan

Question: Dear Steve, March 2019, I took out a car title loan for $5,800. I paid $1,000 towards the principle and approximately $4,395 in interest (5% interest, $293 per month interest. I am a Lyft driver and the interest payment is so high for me that I have only made interest payments. I am at the point of surrendering the ... Read More »