Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Have you ever noticed that when people say not to worry about money it usually means they’ve got a lot and you don’t? Here at the Wake Forest News we take money seriously and cover the topic like nobody’s bidness.

I Walked Out of Community College and They Want Me to Pay

Question: Dear Steve, So I signed up for a semester at a community college, after about 1 month in I realized it wasn’t for me and stopped attending. I did take out a student loan and currently owe about 3000. They used to call me all the time and I never answered, they also currently send me mail about my ... Read More »

Millions of People Face Stimulus Check Delays Because They Are Poor

Last week, a group of angry and desperate Citi Tax Financial customers gathered outside the company’s storefront in Augusta, Georgia. Millions of Americans had received a big deposit from the IRS in their bank accounts, but they had not. The IRS website told them their coronavirus stimulus checks were deposited in an account they didn’t recognize. With an officer from ... Read More »

What Do I Do With This IRS CP2000 Claim I Owe Tax On a Cancelled Debt?

Question: Dear Jim, I received a CP2000 concerning a bank cancellation of debt, this was due to insolvency. I did not know I had to file this on my 2018 tax return because I honestly do not remember receiving it. The total due is over $2000 in taxes after IRS computed calculated adjustments. I would not have a disagreement payment, ... Read More »

What’s the Deal With Coronavirus Stimulus Checks, and How Do I Get One?

At the end of March, the federal government passed a $2.2 trillion bipartisan emergency coronavirus relief package, offering some of the most hard hit a much needed stopgap. The legislation includes small business loans and coronavirus stimulus checks for low- and middle-income Americans. Will I get a coronavirus stimulus emergency check? You should receive a coronavirus stimulus check if you ... Read More »

Scammers Pose as SBA PPP Loan Program and Get FTC Attention

The Federal Trade Commission has charged a Rhode Island-based company and its owner with falsely claiming to be an approved lender for a federal coronavirus relief lending program and asked a federal court to immediately halt their misrepresentations. The FTC’s complaint alleges that Ponte Investments, LLC, also doing business as SBA Loan Program and SBA Loan, and its owner ... Read More »

Drive-Thru Restaurants with Dog-Friendly Menus

Just because I love dogs and we all need to take our furry friends on an outing from time-to-time. Here is a great piece from Steve Rhode – Dog Rescue Pilot with Running out to grab a bite or a latte but don’t want to leave your sweet pooch behind? With an increasing number of restaurant drive-thrus serving ... Read More »