Face it, our pets are pretty damn cute here in Wake Forest. If yours are not, please call Wake County Animal Control at 919-212-PETS. But seriously, share your pet photos and stories with us here.

Holly’s Puppies – Saved From Certain Death and Cuddled In Flight

Mission – To Get Holly’s Puppies to Safety Facing being put down the next day, these lovely puppies were rescued and made it safely to new homes, thanks to some awesome teamwork. Participants in this rescue: Flight Coordinator: Colleen Fennell, Save A Dog A Day – Rescue Sending Party: Gigi Colaiacovo, Save A Dog A Day – Foster Flight Volunteer: …

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One Dog Saves Another from Coyote – Video

Now here is an incredible video that starts off very sad but winds up with one dog rescuing another. At first a coyote runs out of nowhere and steals a Chiweenie – a Chihuahua, Dachshund mix. But wait, out of nowhere a Rottweiler named Happy comes to rescue the tiny dog. Both dogs are safe and fine. No word on …

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Missing Dog Returns Home Before Readers Knew She Was Missing

Apparently just sending in your missing dog message and pictures to Wake Forest News results in your dog being found. Or at least that’s the way it worked out for one loyal reader. Overnight, Jamie Blackwell reported, “I have a 6 month old puppy that is missing and would appreciate any help your publication can provide. Both the puppy and …

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Wild Chihuahuas Overrun Arizona Town

Maryvale, Arizona near the west side of Phoenix, has a big small problem. Roaming gang of Chihuahuas are slowly taking over the town. We wonder if they have a Taco Bell there? The best advice given by experts there is to coral the small dog in your yard till animal control arrives. Otherwise the little suckers are bolting before they …

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Train Your Dog to Carry Your Cat Home

Krazy cat dog video

Going out and getting your cat to come back home at an appropriate time, or even caring about coming home can be a chore. You know cats, they make for soft comfortable companions but half the time they couldn’t give a damn about a curfew. One enterprising pet owner has successfully trained their dog to fetch their cat and bring …

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