Aerial Photos of Wake Forest & Youngsville – April 12, 2015

So I was out flying yesterday and headed back from a big 3.6 hour trip I decided to divert and fly over Wake Forest for the first time. What you see below are pictures from over Wake Forest and Youngsville as I headed back to the airport. It might be hard to see in the … Read more

Aerial Wake Forest – Town Pool, Joyner Park, Reservoir

In this segment it’s time to fly over some fun locations. In this video we get to see some familiar locations in a new way: The Holding Park Pool is a great Wake Forest destination for kids and adults to spend a hot day. The pool was recently refurbished and is a fantastic public resource … Read more

Aerial Wake Forest – Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

This video marks the first in a new series of videos I will be rolling out featuring the unique, beautiful, and wonderful sights of the greater Wake Forest area from the air. While my usual approach is moist with snark and sarcasm, I just couldn’t pull that trigger on this video after spending a couple … Read more