Wake Forest Area Plane Crash Livens Evening

Near the stroke of midnight a pilot and his aircraft crashed in the Wake Forest area out just north of Falls Lake. The aircraft came to a stop in the top of some pine trees before falling to the ground and allegedly coming to rest on a propane tank. The FAA reports the plane is … Read more

Multiple Fire Departments Called Back to Wake Forest Neighborhood

On February 8, 2013 a wide contingent of fire departments was called out for a house under construction that was fully engulfed in fire. That house was located off Blue Larkspur Avenue at the far edge of the Wake Forest area. On Sunday afternoon, just eight days later, another call went out for a structure … Read more

Multiple Fire Departments Come to the Aid of a Former New Home

On Friday evening Wake Forest Fire Department, Stony Hill Fire Department, Durham Highway Fire Department, Bay Leaf Fire Department, Creedmoor Fire Department, and Brassfields Fire Department were all called in to help try to save a home under construction that was engulfed in fire. Here is one of the dispatch calls that went out. Just … Read more

Stony Hill FD, Brassfield FD Tackle Barn Fire On Coldest Night

Around 10:27 PM on Monday night the call went out from Granville County and the Brassfield Fire Department for assistance. Stony Hill Fire Department answered the call at 3141 Pier Pointe Driver in Creedmoor. [googlemap src=”https://maps.google.com/maps?client=safari&oe=UTF-8&q=3141+pier+pointe+drive&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x89adab2c8b5cd3c3:0x1534bcf7d95aadae,3141+Pier+Pointe+Dr,+Creedmoor,+NC+27522&gl=us&ei=XH3LUuupK4vJsQSIw4LADQ&ved=0CCsQ8gEwAA” ] But like a lot of fire calls, what gets dispatched and what it turns out to be can … Read more